Encountering the Epidemic of Addictions

We are excited and inspired to offer this addictions service.  The group of us, all professionals in different disciplines and coming from different perspectives, are united in our passion for working with addictions and in our commitment to using mindfulness as a key method in recovery as well as to maintaining an ongoing personal practice ourselves.  To be an effective mindfulness therapist, one must first practice with oneself, thoroughly and consistently.  Then you can truly walk the talk.

Mindfulness, when presented properly, can interrupt the addictive process by interrupting autopilot.  It is not a cure-all or quick fix--and there are many other methods and therapies that are relevant--but it is foundational.

Addiction is an epidemic in contemporary society.  It is horrific and painful, painting us into a very dark corner.  But, as Chogyam Trungpa has said (to paraphrase): When you're painted into a corner, you can actually look around and decorate it.  That is the promise of addictions--that being forced against the wall can offer the possibility of examining the wall itself, of acceptance and even of flourishing.  All of our group has experienced both the heartbreak of addiction and its sometimes surprising capacity to inspire and uplift, with the right support and guidance.  Being with, rather than avoiding negativity and mental pain is critical to recovery.

With mindfulness practices and a mindful attitude of promoting realism, compassion and courage, addictive habits can be turned inside out and lead to a more mindful life in which the small moments of nowness, the only moments we have, are appreciated and enjoyed.

We hope that we can contribute, however modestly, to quality work with addictions.  Our past successes and willingness to explore and learn will be central to our journey.