Assessments are based on information from the client, and from friends & family members and referring clinicians when appropriate; assessments will be in depth, collaborative and oriented to specific treatment objectives.


Individual treatment

Based on the initial assessment, each client’s treatment plan will be unique and tailored to individual patterns. With mindfulness as the foundation, treatment will be supplemented with such methods as contracting, cognitive behavioural therapy, trauma informed approaches, medication/replacement therapies and physical/energetic disciplines.



Group treatment

Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention and other group process models can enhance individual treatment in selected cases individual treatment in selected cases with the support, feedback, intimacy and wisdom that groups can bring.


Groups for affected
family & individuals

Works with the questions of important others, not necessarily focussing on the “problem person” but on people taking responsibility for their own issues.


Brings practical methods and perspectives on addiction and other health problems to workplace groups to foster best practices in promoting health and preventing illness.


Workshops - Training - Education - Presentations

Educating and training on the dynamics and treatment of addiction from a mindfulness based perspective, with an attitude of collaboration and mutual learning.